Photos du journal

It's a coffee creamer AND a spread; it's genious.

Atelier Doré - Moroccan Argan Body Oil Blend

One of the best natural moisturizers, argan oil also smells amazing.

Photos du journal

Our favorite products that are as kind as they are effective.

Omorovicza’s Magic Moisture Mist

A mist inspired by and fit for a queen! In partnership with our friends at Omorovicza

A Beauty Minute with Christene Barberich

Learn what product Christene Barberich forces upon her friends if they don't already know about it...

A Beauty Minute with Shereen Mohammad

A Beauty Minute with the lovely Shereen!

Table For One

Thoughts on eating alone

Photos du journal

A subtle print for the days florals just aren’t cutting it.

Spring Sweepstakes!

Look at all this cool stuff you could win! Click the link to enter!

City Hall Lovin’

Four couples on what they wore to their City Hall wedding!

Pocket PMF: Public Speaking

Garance and the ladies talk about what people fear more than death... public speaking.

The French have a certain "je ne sais quoi" when it comes to lingerie. Garance answers some of our question about why. In partnership with our friends at Lingerie Française.

The Essentials / Summer Pant

Our favorite summer pants for those summer nights...

Things We Slacked

The royal wedding, dogs in food- things we slacked this week!

Photos du journal

Cyndle's summer essentials!

Photos du journal

Treat yourself this weekend with this relaxing bath set!

Studio Visit / L.O.N.B.

A British take on leather bags and modern luxury. In the studio with!

Jocelyne the Great

"I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone so sure of themselves. Her presence is as bold as it is soft and gentle."

Would You Like a Bag?

Save the planet and the turtles.

Atelier Doré - Carnet de Dessin Notebook

A new, blank sketchbook... spring awaits our imaginations!

Malibu Dream

Where we want to spend all summer.

The Essentials / Scrambled Eggs

Hi everyone! Join us Friday at 12pm EST for a FACEBOOK LIVE demonstration with the amazing Sophia Roe. She'll be showing us how to make her perfect scrambled eggs as part of our new recipe essentials series! xo

A Life in Lipstick

All the lipsticks I've loved.

Hum Nutrition

Gummy vitamins for adults. Learn more about our new favorite skin food (and office snack 😉) from HUM Nutrition.

Ilkin Kurt’s Refined Simplicity

Searching for her on google could build an entire mood board...

Style Story / Liseanne and Ines

Today's mother/daughter style story might just be way too much coolness and beauty. In one post.

Photos du journal

The type of outfit we want to wear every single day.

Studio Visit / Allied Maker

Our visit inside a super inspiring lighting designer's studio!

A Beauty Minute With Rachel Peru

#BeautyMinute: Rachel Peru, Curve Model. I have never spent a lot of time on my skincare routine until I turned 40. My skin is definitely changing and needs more attention.

Hands Down

The secrets to beautiful - and ageless - hands.

Something Clicked

On burnout, and the importance of asking for help.

Photos du journal

A quick trip to Paris.

Pocket PMF: Wellness in a Modern Life

What wellness actually means today.

Atelier Doré - Marrakech T-Shirt

To keep you happily wandering.

Sakara Life

How the idea of food as nourishment led the founders of @sakaralife to start our favorite meal delivery service. PS- use discount code ATELIER20 for 20% off at purchase!

Inside Garance Doré's Seriously Cool Home Studio in Los Angeles

Inside G's LA home and studio today on MyDomaine!

A Street Style with Mariana Marcki-Matos

Vintage with a mix of investment pieces- a street style with Mariana.

Pocket PMF: Wellness in a Modern Life

In the spirit of our sweepstakes, we decided to do a little extra special Pocket PMF where Veronica chatted with @sakaralife founders, Danielle and Whitney, and @capbeauty founder, Cindy DiParma, about all things wellness, including their approach to it, how it changed their perspective on life, and how they run high functioning business but also focus on their wellness.


A few years ago when G went to Cannes!

A Beauty Minute with Jesse

A beauty minute with the woman behind our favorite high-waisted pants, Jesse Kamm!

Photos du journal

A subtle print for the days florals just aren’t cutting it.

Behnaz Pure Rose and Pure Neroli

We're pretty into these new perfumes- ‘flower waters’ made with no alcohol, oils, dyes, or preservatives.

Atelier Doré - L'Élégance

Elegance is about the way you carry yourself. Captured here in a limited edition print.

Spring into the season with a fresh take on beauty, self love and enrichment, from the inside, out! Enter here to win an amazing lineup including a @CAP Beauty gift package, 5 day meal program from Sakara Life, a $500 AMEX gift card, cookbook from The New Potato and a limited edition Atelier Doré art print!

A Beauty Minute with Shereen Mohammad

A Beauty Minute with the lovely Shereen!

A Beauty Minute With Sarah

"I use it three times a day because it’s everything." Learn this beauty's secrets.

Good in Photo

Before you click that photo, read this.

Photos du journal

Perfect blends for all bodies.

No Filter

Three incredible women who have dedicated their Instagrams to fitness