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Talking with a woman with one of the most secretive jobs on our newest career interview.

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Atelier Doré - Femme Extraordinaire Poster

If walls could give pep talks... Now they can.

Jacquard Julie

“My style is often a series of things that, theoretically, don’t match, but are fun to me nonetheless."

Byredo Candle

Byredo, always the best.


This gets an eyebrow raise.

Photos du journal

Tune in to our Instagram at 12 pm Friday Feb 22nd for Veronica's monthly live beauty update! She'll be talking about her favorite products she's tried in Feb!

Riding High

“I’ve always dreamed of talking to you about topics that are a bit different, and girls who aren’t necessarily urban but who have inspiring lives.” Garance on one of her great loves: snowboarding!

Eloquent Héloïse

Héloïse is a striking French beauty with an ability to not only whip up a seasonal meal, but set the tone and the atmosphere for the perfect dinner party.

Carolina Herrera

“Sometimes the simplest things are the most profound.” -Carolina Herrera

Photos du journal

The Winter Olympics are in full swing and we are feeling inspired by the color of the athletes’ choice, gold baby gold!

My Better Half

But how well do we really know our bodies?


“There are so many parisians of this kind. Chic, nonconformist, unapologetic. To me that’s such a critical part of style – a very personal way of thinking, unique and that never goes of style.”

Jacquard Julie

“My style is often a series of things that, theoretically, don’t match, but are fun to me nonetheless."

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Keeping it fresh for spring.

Gabby’s Jams

Tunes for the romantic, daydreamer, disco dancing gal!

Atelier Doré is… Gabby Rubino!

She left a 10 year career to pursue her dreams and is our studio coordinator- meet Gabby!

The Office, Elevated

The office, elevated. Our perfect for work but still cool shopping picks this month!

Jillian Michaels: Passionately Honest

Our newest episode of Pardon My French with fitness guru Jillian Michaels! Listen here.

The Fearless Fortunato Sisters

Meet the kind, chic and powerhouse twins behind the jewelry brand Lizzie Fortunato!

In case you missed it, we have a new Managing Editor! Here's her "In Her Words":

"Like her collections, her own wardrobe is luxe but with a sense of ease, tailored and unhurried, yet somehow still peaceful."

Patti Smith

Words Of A Woman from Patti Smith.

Shopping Vintage on Instagram

Our secrets for shopping vintage on instagram...

Emmanuel’s Paris Apartment

SO much beauty packed in to one 600 square foot Paris apartment:

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This beautiful asymmetrical mini dress by DVF - Diane von Furstenberg is the definition of sophisticated.

L.A. Ease

A stylist and one of the cutest people alive, Annina shows us her typical day in LA.

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A piece of Paris...

Ramdane & Victoire’s Apartment

An eclectic, truly Parisian apartment (with a view!)

10 Years of Messy Hair

"It was kind of strange, like I’d become the mascot for short hair and letting it grow out was some kind of betrayal."

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A little sparkle!

Minnie’s Salted Caramel and Bread Pudding

Add vanilla ice cream and serve.

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It's almost skirt season!

The Price of Illusion: Joan Juliet Buck

An American who lived in Paris, London, New York (AND was the Editor-in-Chief of Paris Vogue — Joan Juliet Buck Says on Pardon My French:

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Let's go to the beach.

All is Well with Ameerah Omar

A modern and grounded take on wellness with Ameerah Omar.

Bye Bye Heels

"But fashion changed, us along with it, and I started to breathe. My heels still proudly lined up in my closet slowly started to gather dust. My spring closet cleaning saw me able to say goodbye to pairs of heels that had accompanied me in big moments in life, but that now looked like an old, yellowed photo album."

Photos du journal

A piece of Paris...

Photos du journal

When was the last time you checked out your shop?

The Babouche

More sophisticated than a slide, easier than mule.

Cat Lady Stigma

I am a cat lady. Loud and proud:

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Some very funny reflections on going grey...

Career / Erin Allweiss & Melody Serafino

Meet the founders of No. 29, a PR firm which focuses on clients that are social-impact and innovation driven.

Style Story / Morgane

Morgane Bedale’s cool factor is beyond.

Questions On Love

“I think the best type of love comes when you’re in love with yourself and your own life! That’s what I would start with ;)” Garance’s advice on love, just in time to keep that romance flowing (or get it started) after Valentine’s Day.

Diane Keaton

"I’ve always loved independent women, outspoken women, eccentric women, funny women, flawed women. When someone says about a woman, ‘I’m sorry, that’s just wrong,’ I tend to think she must be doing something right." -Diane Keaton.

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Greek island dreams...

Dear Editor

The first in Garance's series of letters:

Everything Must Go

It doesn't have to be spring to start cleaning.

Photos du journal

The perfect modern color palette.